Information for Volunteers and Support

If you would like to support your neighbours and our residents overall, please get in touch and join the growing band of community volunteers!
For more info call us on 01984 573073 and choose option 3 or contact us here
This community help is in close liaison with the Village Agents and many support agencies and community groups in Watchet working together.

Volunteers Required Urgently

Watchet Coronavirus Community Help


We are recruiting three groups of volunteers to help us keep local people safe and connected during the coronavirus outbreak. If you are able to help in any of these roles, please fill in the associated volunteer application / agreement form and return it to us at

If you can’t use email, call 01984 573073 and choose option 3



Connect, Group 1: Triage

Volunteer Brief

Connects Team, Group 1 is a small group of experienced phone volunteers, who will triage calls that come in for delivery of essential items.

You will be given safeguarding training, and will also be given an up-to-date list of support agencies to direct people to.

In order to keep people safe, volunteers will need to commit to conforming to data protection and reporting protocols.

Connect, Group 2: Chatters

Volunteer Brief

Connects Team, Group 2, is a bank of friendly volunteers who are able to call people from the community who are just in need of a chat and connection with other humans through this difficult time.

The system allows people from the community to call us and request a conversation. The calls will have been initially screened by Somerset MIND. Contact details of those needing a friendly chat will then be passed back to us for a Connect volunteer to call.

In order to keep people safe, these volunteers will need to commit to conforming to data protection and reporting protocols

Protect Volunteer Brief

A small group of highly committed volunteers are needed to collect and deliver food and other essential and emergency items to and from people’s houses. In order to keep people safe, this group needs to be small; they need to all qualify as low risk, and they will need to commit to conforming to strict safety protocols, as well as data protection. Safeguarding training will be provided.

This will be a rolling pool of volunteers so that we can continue to provide if volunteers need to isolate.

In order to qualify, volunteers need to satisfy as many of these points as possible:

  • They are self-isolating in the advised way – even without symptoms – and following strict hygiene protocols in their personal lives with regular hand washing / washing between each activity; disinfecting their own homes; wearing correct PPE when out of the house and adhering to advised levels of social distancing.

  • They do not share a residence with a key worker, or anyone who is still going out to work.

  • They do not have a child going to school or nursery.

  • They are not a primary carer of an at-risk person.

  • They do not have any significant underlying mental or physical health concerns themselves.

  • They are under 50 or under 60 and very healthy.

  • They are willing to adhere to incredibly strict safety protocols.

  • Have undergone a minimum period of 7 days isolation prior to starting.

  • They need a driving licence.

  • They need to have a recent DBS or have one done in advance of starting.